3 comments on “Do you hear what I hear?

  1. Oof, the sound at the 5 Points Theatre. I had to give up on the place when, at a screening of In the Loop, I missed probably about a third of the dialogue.

    Anyway, I was at the screening of Melancholia on Saturday, and *man*, I wasn’t at all expecting to feel the music rumble the floor and send vibrations through my feet and up my body. And I had no trouble hearing anyone speaking, even the whispered dialogue! Both the sound and the picture were superb; kudos and all that. I look forward to many pleasant movie-going experiences in the future.

  2. I love the improvements! The new screen and upgraded sound are wonderful as well as the comfortable updated theater seating with the tables. Thank you for making the new venue available to us, local supporters, as well as neighboring visitors! I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Melancholia.

  3. Melancholia was awesome, and my first chance to see Von Trier on the big screen. The theatre looks great and can’t wait to come back! Thanks for all you’ve done and are doing to bring great films to Jax!

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